SUNDAY: NU Student Composers Concert

Hey all.
There’s a student composers concert this sunday at 77 St. Stephen’s street (the fenway center). I’ll be having my tape piece ‘Animal Science’ premiered, and there will be performances by the wonderful Won-Hee An and Australian writer and vocalist Xenia Hanusiak.Concert Poster

Best of all, it’s free! Show starts at 8pm, hope to see you there.

Also, on November 9th I’ll be giving a lecture at NU as part of the NUACM Evening Series. Here’s a brief description of the talk I’ll be giving:

“[I] will be talking about the steps that went into designing and creating the Toscanini interface, covering topics universal to audio applications in the Max/MSP environment. A portion of the time will be spent on how audio applications work, and the advantages and disadvantages of open sourcing the software. Students interested in the field are welcome to come and ask questions, as there will be ample time for Q+A.”

That’ll be at 6pm at Northeastern’s West Village G building, room 104.

EDIT:: If you can’t make it to the concert, feel free to check out ‘Animal Science’ on my SoundCloud account, or the “My Music” link on the top of the page.


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