Headin’ Out Californee Way

The concert was great! Highlights included a beautiful piano sonata by a 3rd year Music Technology student, Eric Woods’ acousmatic piece “Gee Thanks Samuel Cohen!” Or The Grand Finale of The Walking Ghost, and hearing my piece ‘Animal Science’ diffused on a six channel system.

If you’ve noticed, I added a Compositions tab at the top of the blog. I’ll be using this website to host my portfolio, so check out my pieces and see what you think. If you’d like to read my CV it’s linked over there on the right, as well as some other fun links.

So I have an exciting trip coming up. Wednesday morning I’ll be flying out to the bay area and heading directly to UC Berkeley, where I’ll be attending a seminar on ‘Cognition and Composition’ given by Fred Lehrdal. After that I’ll be meeting with Adrian Freed and Yotam Mann to take a look into the work they do at CNMAT and the controller universe Adrian is involved in. That evening I was also invited to check out Ian Saxton’s band Cash Pony in SF, hopefully I’ll be able to make it out there alive. This is my first visit to the bay area, so let’s hope I don’t get lost/mugged/derezzed!

The rest of the week I’ll be checking out more of UCB (including their gym, gotta make sure it’s good!), Stanford, and the area. I need to make sure it’s the right place to move, and since the girlfriend won’t be able to attend this visit I’ll be taking plenty of pictures to report back. While I’m out in CA I’ll be updating this blog at least once a day, so be sure to check it out.


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