A Pandora’s Box of Free Music

Sorry for the delay, but as promised, I have returned! Julie and I have settled in nicely in San Francisco, living downtown for a while as we decide on a more permanent locale.

Pocket FMA for Android:

If you remember my post from last Boston Music Hack Day, my good friend Jeremy Sawruk and I wrote a streaming radio web app for the Free Music Archive. The FMA is close to me as I’m a firm believer in the copyleft movement, and even better, it’s in my home state of New Jersey.

Well I had a blast working on the app for them, but neither Jeremy nor I had the time to continue development on the project. My senior year was in full swing, and his work stack wasn’t shrinking. I had a blast working on the app with the help of Jason Sigal, FMA Host and Directing Manager, and wanted to keep the project alive.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on learning new technologies that I haven’t worked with before. Being a new college graduate I find it is important to experience a little bit of everything before settling into a long term position. I’ve taken quite a liking to Android development after writing a simple calculator app. At the point it hit me- let’s bring the FMA to your phone.

The idea is this- I will open source the app as soon as I have a working prototype (which I’m working on as I write this post). It will be a web radio app with an emphasis on music discovery. It will be written in Java on the Android SDK, using the FMA and EchoNest API’s. This project is currently unofficial, but I plan on working closely with Jason to make sure it conforms to the FMA’s needs.

What Else:

Seeing as how I can never only have one thing going on at the same time, I’ll be updating this website along with my portfolio materials to include some new projects and older ones that slipped through the cracks. I’ll also be gearing up for another year of Together fest- really exciting things in store!

Check back soon for more updates. If you’re interested in working on the FMA radio app drop a line in the comments!


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