I am a developer, composer, student, and music technology enthusiast. I am interested in the technologies that create, influence, and distribute musical information. As an undergraduate at Northeastern University, my study of music technology has lent me to an interest in new musical interfaces, alternative controllers, and interactive realtime performance. I have worked for Cakewalk Inc, Research In Motion, and MIT’s Humans and Automation Lab. My research experience includes work with Nick Didkovsky and Georg Hajdu on the JMSL language, the Brain2Music project in Northeastern’s Music and Engineering departments, and a musical robot with a Northeastern School of Mechanical Engineering capstone group. I also am the creator of the Toscanini gestural MIDI interface, which translates motion data to MIDI via a wireless accelerometer based device (downloadable for free at my website).

When I’m not hard at work coding or composing, I enjoy long-boarding, brewing (and drinking) beer, making music, solving puzzles, and continuously exploring the beautiful city of Boston which I call home.

I will graduate from Northeastern University in May 2012 with a dual degree in Computer Science and Music Technology. In the fall I will hopefully be starting a graduate degree researching and developing new music technologies.


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